Diana Stewart

I started working here when I was 16. I’ve always aspired to go into the medical field, but at 16, my options to gain experience was extremely limited. It was a catch twenty-two- I needed the experience to gain a job, but I needed the job to gain the experience. Luckily, Dr. Cress understood the struggle I was facing, and offered me a part-time job in his office. He took into consideration that I was also a full-time high school student, and had hours of homework to complete on top of working. He made my hours super flexible, and was patient throughout my learning process here in the office. Now, coming up on 18 years old, I have gained so much knowledge, and have learned the ropes of working in a medical office. With this experience, I know I will be ready to enter the medical field, and for that, I thank Dr. Cress.