We are in network with the following insurance carries as a PPO provider:

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield ( BCBS )
  2. Aenta
  3. United Health Care ( UHC )
  4. UMR ( a subsidiary of UHC )
  5. Humana

We are currently NOT in network with the following:

  1. Medicare
  2. Medicaid
  3. Cigna

Below is an explanation of how to read your insurance plan/benefits:

  1. Deductible: This is what you will be billed before insurance pays.
    Example: Deductible $1000; Insurance pays $0. Patient responsibility $1000
  2. Out-Of-Pocket: The most you have to pay for covered services in a plan year. This is a combination of deductible, co-pay, and co-insurance.
    Example: OOP $5000; before $5000 the patient may have to pay a portion of bill, this is known as a co-insurance. Once $5000 has been met: there is no co-insurance or copay; everything is covered.
  3. Co-pay: A co-pay is what is due upon the office visit. This is due until your OOP has been met.
  4. Co-insurance: Coinsurance is the amount, generally expressed as a fixed percentage, an insured ( policy holder ) must pay after the deductible is satisfied.

Types of Billing:

A: Chiropractic ( 98940 ) : This is for an adjustment.
B. Physical Therapy ( 97110 / 98940 ): This is for physical therapy/rehab, myofacial release therapy , and manual therapy.
C: Acupuncture ( 97810 ): 15 minutes of acupuncture.

Please note; it is the patients responsibility to call your insurance to check your benefits prior to service. We do our best to get this information as a courtesy to each patient. For the most accurate information please provide us with your insurance information 48 hours prior or to your first visit to ensure that benefits are understood We do not set pricing and all pricing is set forth by Medicare.

Here is a link to HealthCare.gov that also explains the information above: (Click here to visit link)

** For self pay patients: We will not bill your insurance **